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Mizen to Malin. Mindful Walk and Talk.

Mindful Walk from Mizen Head (Cork) to Malin Head (Donegal) (Approx 700km.)   “Positive Mental and Physical Health and Well-Being for all”.   Mindful walking means walking with a deliberate intention, focus and attitude. It is noticing without attachment, as best we can, our unfolding experience in an open, curious way. On a mindful walk […]

Mindful Walking Group Bishopstown

We are really excited to announce this coming summer in Bishopstown, Cork we will be staring the first Mindful walking group in Ireland. Starting in July. Our HQ and walking start point will be from the Bishopstown Cafe with the kind support of Joe and Lorraine O’ Connor. It will occur once a month and Hugh […]

The Book. May 2015.

The date for publication is now the middle of May 2015.  The book can be pre-ordered now on Amazon. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Mindful-Walking-Peace-Health-Well-Being/dp/1473613884  

Coaching on Viber- Is it possible? Read on and make up your own mind.

Context: Client presenting with general anxiety around personal health with a tendency to predict the future negatively, borderline catastrophisation. Took a break at work to engage in the following (online conversation) exchange of texts. Duration: 40 minutes. Client: Young Adult Female. 24yrs. Coach: Hi there. Can we just work through a few questions and you […]

Change – A Thought for today.

In engaging with the challenges that like us all, you face and that can persist for us all, and also in terms of the manner in which you currently think, currently engage emotionally, and as a consequence currently behave, to what degree at this moment in time on your own unique and special journey, does […]

Mindfulness – A Thought for today.

Mindfulness is a topic which is being talked a lot about these days. It is however important to be comfortable with what mindfulness is and is not. Mindfulness is not about being somewhere better or in a better, happier, contented, calm state or frame of mind. Yes, this can happen through practice, but it is […]

Coaching Psychology and Coaching: A Middle Way.

University College Cork is rich in history. Yesterday was just another one of those days in creating some more. The first ever Irish Masters programme in Coaching Psychology commenced. In 2007, Stephen Palmer and Alison Whybrow suggested that coaching Psychology Coaching Psychology is for enhancing well-being and performance in personal life and work domains. The new […]