Mindfulness – A Thought for today.

Mindfulness is a topic which is being talked a lot about these days. It is however important to be comfortable with what mindfulness is and is not.

Mindfulness is not about being somewhere better or in a better, happier, contented, calm state or frame of mind. Yes, this can happen through practice, but it is not about the end of the struggle today might bring, or that has been with us for some time. We are all in this struggle of life. Sometimes it goes well (according to our particular perceptions), sometimes, it goes badly according to our perceptions also.

And mindfulness is fundamentally about a choice. Do I continue the struggle? Do I, in my own unique way, continue to resist what is bad and attach myself to what is perceived, good or better? Do I continue to blindly attach myself to, or resist my emotions, either positive or negative? Do I continue to react and behave in ways that might not be working for me or serving me well?  Your Choice.

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